The Bloomin’ Welly Alpaca Trekk

The Bloomin’ Welly Alpaca Trekk
The Bloomin’ Welly Alpaca Trekk

The Bloomin’ Welly Alpaca Trekk, situated amidst the vibrant towns of Bloomfield and Wellington, is a highly sought-after farm experience hosted by Noble Beast Farms. Each year, they open their farm to guests for the lovely experience of spending time and learning about these amazing animals. “Alpacas draw us in and encourage us to slow down and just… be.”

During the trek, guests have the chance to meet and walk alongside a specially chosen alpaca, experiencing the remarkable softness of their fleece. Witness the joy reflected in their smiling faces and gain insights into their unique behaviours. You’ll also get to meet the adorable baby alpacas, known as crias!

Note: Since this is a working farm, all visits must be made through reservations only.

Farm Tours and Treks

The Bloomin’ Welly Alpaca Trekk (1.5 – 2h)

Adults $79 / Youth (ages 6 – 15) $ 49 / Children (ages 5 and under) free.

The Bloomin’ Welly Alpaca Trekk is the most popular farm experience at Noble Beast Farms. Inspired by the vibrant atmosphere of the neighbouring towns, Bloomfield and Wellington, the farm offers a 1.5-2 hour experience with the alpacas. Visitors are encouraged to embrace the serene outdoor setting, slowing down to fully appreciate the natural beauty surrounding them. 

The experience begins with a warm welcome to the farm, accompanied by handcrafted or locally sourced seasonal beverages. Participants then embark on a leisurely walk with their own alpaca, strolling through County fields. The adventure concludes with an opportunity to interact with the juvenile alpacas, allowing guests to feed these charming creatures and delight in watching them play.

Summer Afternoons Field Walk (45min – 1 hour)

Adult $60 / Children 6 – 15 $29 / 5 and under free.

Afternoons on selected days at 2 p.m.

Alpacas are gentle, peaceful, curious and funny. Someone once called them “the dolphins of the pasture!” Summer Afternoon Field Walks allow you to experience the alpacas as authentically as possible in a shorter 1h visit. With an experienced guide, you and a small group of 6 – 8 people will follow the alpaca’s seasonal grazing patterns and visit them where they would naturally be at the time of your visit.

Walking out on the field paths, you will learn about alpacas and the great variety of flora and fauna that is nurtured on the farm. In the field, we have a rest, share a refreshing handmade beverage, and enjoy the view. Note: Field paths are maintained but not generally smooth enough for strollers.

Groups, Tours and Corporate Visits

Custom rates and packages are available for groups of over 8 people. Email for custom packages, and group rates. They will get back to you quickly.

Farm Store

Take home a keepsake after your unique experience. Knit and woven alpaca products are made entirely with fibre grown on the farm. They also stock all-natural alpaca yarns and yarn blends, raw fibre and rovings.

Contact Noble Beast Farms

14935 Loyalist Pkwy, Bloomfield, ON

(613) 970-4799

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