Summer Things to Do in Prince Edward County

Summer Things to Do in Prince Edward County
Summer Things to Do in Prince Edward County

Summer in Prince Edward County unfolds like a tapestry of vibrant experiences, offering a plethora of exciting activities and local delights. As you contemplate your next vacation, envision days brimming with family-filled joy and immerse yourself in the myriad attractions that this charming County has to offer. Explore the rich tapestry of local culture, indulge in delectable treats, and create lasting memories during your summer in Prince Edward County.

What to Do in Prince Edward County During the Summer

Tour Wine Country

Prince Edward County is home to over 40 wineries and even more breweries, cideries, and spirit houses. With diverse wine tours, events, and the welcoming spirit of the County, a visit to these vineyards is a memorable experience.

Most of the wineries are clustered in the County’s western corner, hugged between the towns of Wellington and Hillier. Visitors can taste the famous Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, and Cab Franc vines that are famous to PEC.

Feeling adventurous? Join a guided wine tour with Sandbanks Vacations & Tours or embark on a fun Vintage Car Wine Tour. Cruise through the County in a classic Cadillac with the top down while stopping for tastings along the way.

Best Wineries in Prince Edward County

  • Broken Stone Winery
  • Grange of Prince Edward Winery
  • Karlo Estates
  • TerraCello Winery
  • The Old Third Vineyard
  • Closson Chase Winery
  • Huff Estates Winery
  • Sandbanks Estate Winery

Best Cideries in Prince Edward County

  • The County Cider Company
  • Crimson Cider Company
  • Loch Mór Cider Company
  • Apple Falls Cider Company
  • Clafeld Cider House & Market
  • Stock & Row Farm Cidery
  • Cold Creek Vineyards

Best Breweries in Prince Edward County

  • 555 Brewing Co
  • Parsons Brewing Company
  • Gillingham Brewing Company
  • Prince Eddy’s Brewing Co
  • Garage Time Brewing Company
  • Midtown Brewing Company
  • Slake Brewing

Best Spirit Houses in Prince Edward County

  • Kinsip House Of Fine Spirits
  • Casa-Dea Winery & Banquet Hall
  • Stillus Craft Spirits

Visit The County’s Famous Beaches

Prince Edward County is home to one of the most popular sandy beaches in all of Ontario, Sandbanks Provincial Park. As the world’s largest baymouth barrier dune formation, this provincial park is made up of three beaches: Outlet Beach, Sandbanks (Lakeshore) Beach, and Dunes Beach. The park welcomes over 750,000 visitors annually thanks to the numerous attractions like campgrounds, hiking trails, bird watching, fishing, biking, and more.

Beyond Sandbanks, Prince Edward County boasts over 800 km of shoreline, offering a myriad of beaches to bask in the warmth of the summer sun. North Beach Provincial Park, Wellington Rotary Beach, Point Peter Wildlife Conservation Area, Little Bluff, and Roblin Lake Beach are popular destinations on the island.

County Bounty: The Culinary Scene

Indulge in the unmatched freshness of farm-to-table dining in Prince Edward County. The local culinary scene, featuring not only traditional fare but also culturally infused creations, is centred around the region’s rich agricultural resources. Charming restaurants, bakeries, and pubs are scattered throughout the County, offering a diverse array of dining options that celebrate the bounty of local produce and culinary creativity.

The culinary scene in PEC is amazing throughout any season. During other seasons, take part in spring or fall Countylicious, and winter delights.

Best Restaurants in Wellington

  • Drake Devonshire
  • Midtown Brewing
  • La Condesa
  • North Docks Pub & Patio
  • Idle Wild
  • East & Main

Best Restaurants in Bloomfield

  • Flame + Smith
  • Bloomfield Public House
  • Bermuda

Best Restaurants in Waupoos

  • Waupoos Estates Winery
  • Stella’s Eatery

Best Restaurants in Picton

  • The County Canteen
  • Sujeo Korean Restaurant
  • The Lighthouse Restaurant
  • 7 Numbers
  • The Acoustic Grill
  • The Royal
  • Vic Social
  • Bocada
  • The Blue Sail
  • Harry’s Charbroiled
  • Parsons Brewing Company
  • Merrill House

Best Restaurants in Hillier

  • Tabersnack
  • Bantam
  • Flossie’s Sandwich Parlor

Tour The County on Two Wheels

Cycling is a great way to beat the summer rush and travel to your County destinations. Opt for a bicycle or e-bike rental to navigate the scenic rural roads, allowing you to discover art galleries, scenic viewpoints, charming restaurants, cideries, and delightful ice cream shops. For those seeking a more adventurous experience, consider embarking on a bicycle wine tour. This unique journey combines the pleasures of wine tasting with the savoury delights of wood-fired pizza and a summer exercise.

Places to Rent Bikes in Prince Edward County

  • Ideal Bike Rentals
  • County Bike Rentals
  • Westlake E-Bikes

Bike Wine Tours in The County

  • The County Wine Tours – Sip and Cycle Bike Tours
  • Closson Road Cycles

The Bloomin’ Welly Alpaca Trekk

The Bloomin’ Welly Alpaca Trekk is a popular farm experience hosted by Noble Beast Farms. Each year, they graciously open their farm to visitors, offering a delightful opportunity to stroll, interact, feed, and gain insights into the fascinating world of alpacas.

The Alpaca Trekk begins with a warm welcome to the farm, accompanied by handcrafted or locally sourced seasonal beverages. Participants then embark on a leisurely walk with their alpaca, strolling through County fields. The adventure concludes with an opportunity to interact with the juvenile alpacas, allowing guests to feed these charming creatures and delight in watching them play.

Ride the Waves with Water Sports

Year after year, visitors are drawn to Prince Edward County by the allure of its surrounding waters. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Lake Ontario, West Lake, or East Lake through various water activities. Explore the pristine waters with rentals ranging from pontoon and fishing boats to kayaks and canoes. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of jet skiing or flyboards, the fun of a water sports camp for kids or tubbing, or the relaxation of cruising on a pontoon, everyone can enjoy time on the water.

Visit Westlake Water Sports or Log Cabin Point for boat rentals.

Park, Tune In, Enjoy: The Mustang Drive-In

A visit to the Mustang Drive-In offers a unique and nostalgic experience that perfectly finishes your spring and summer day in Prince Edward County. As the big screen comes to life at dusk, a symphony of honking horns signals the start of the show. Buy snacks or bring your own and cuddle in for the experience.

Established in 1950, the Mustang Drive-In Theater has been a cinematic landmark for over seven decades. A second screen was added in 1976 to enhance the fun. Screen one comfortably accommodates 525 cars, while screen two offers a capacity for 305 cars.

Arts and Culture Trails

Prince Edward County boasts a diverse array of art galleries that celebrate both local and international talent. These galleries offer a platform for artists to exhibit their work and for art enthusiasts to explore various forms of artistic expression.

One of the defining features of the art scene in Prince Edward County is the Art Trail, a network of artwork that weaves through the region’s beautiful countryside. These trails allow art lovers to explore the County’s creative spirit while enjoying the scenic beauty of the area. It can be experienced in any season but is most enjoyed in summer.

Art Galleries in Prince Edward County

  • Oeno Gallery
  • Arts on Main Gallery
  • Mad Dog Gallery
  • Melt Studio and Gallery
  • ANDARA Gallery
  • Sidestreet Gallery
  • Mia Lane Art Gallery and Studio
  • 2gallery

Farmers’ Markets Freshness

Prince Edward County markets are a hub for locally sourced, seasonal products. They pop up from May to October in various places across the County. This seasonality aligns with the region’s growing season, ensuring the produce is freshest and most abundant. Visitors can find fresh produce, artisanal food, handcrafted goods, and ready-to-eat delights.

Markets in Prince Edward County

  • Wellington Farmers’ Market
  • Picton Town Hall Farmers’ Market
  • Trunk Show Market
  • The Waupoos Pub Market and Eatery
  • Lakeshore Farms Market
  • Van Grootheest Farm
  • Wellington Community Market
  • Fosterholm Farmers Market
  • Sprigglen Meat Market

More Summer Experiences in The County

  • Unlock the past with antique shopping and local museums
  • Visit Base 31 for some history and fun activities
  • Have a spa day at The Main Character or Bloomfield Beauty Co
  • Go on a fishing charter on the Bay of Quinte
  • Ride the Glenora Ferry
  • Get ice cream at Slickers County Ice Cream or the Old Greenhouse Ice Cream Shop
  • Hike or walk along trails at Sandbanks or Lake On The Mountain
  • Participate in outdoor yoga
  • Indulge in the summer harvest of fresh produce
  • Attend summer music and art festivals (BigLake Festival, PEC Jazz Festival, PEC Yoga Festival, etc)
  • Check out the Comedy Country Series
  • Bike through the Millennium Trail
  • Go swimming at the beach
  • View the selection of artisan cheese at the Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Company
  • Take a cooking class from the farm
  • Play a round of mini-golf at the Caddy Shack
  • Play life-size chess at the Casa Dea Estates’ Vineyard
  • Check out the ostrich ranch in Prince Edward County

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