Prince Edward County Art Galleries

Prince Edward County Art Galleries
Prince Edward County Art Galleries

Prince Edward County boasts a diverse reputation, encompassing various facets, including its vibrant art scene. Numerous skilled artists display their talents in local galleries, exhibiting a captivating array of historic fine art and photography created by Canadian and international artists.

Local Art Galleries in Prince Edward County

ANDARA Gallery

(613) 393-1572 · 54 Wilson Rd, Bloomfield

This Gallery is a newly built contemporary art gallery featuring sculptural paintings from artists Andrew Csafordi and the award-winning fine art photography of Tara Wilkinson. Visitors will find original and limited-edition pieces throughout the stunning Gallery.

Oeno Gallery

(613) 393-2216 · 2274 Prince Edward County Rd 1, Bloomfield

Located at Huff Estates, Oeno Gallery is a renowned space that features contemporary Canadian art. The Gallery represents artists working in various media, including painting, sculpture, and mixed media. The surrounding vineyards make for a picturesque setting to enjoy art and wine.

Mad Dog Gallery

(613) 476-7744 · 525 County Rd 11, Picton

In operation since 1990, Mad Dog Gallery is an up-and-coming art studio surrounded by beautiful gardens and countryside. The Gallery showcases a captivating blend of traditional and contemporary fine art masterfully crafted by some of the most gifted artists in Prince Edward County.  

Arts On Main Gallery

(613) 476-2066 · 223 Picton Main St, Picton

Situated in the heart of Picton, Arts on Main Gallery is a cooperative gallery that showcases the works of over 20 local artists. Visitors can find a wide variety of art forms, from traditional paintings to modern installations. Arts on Main Gallery can be found across from the Picton Library.

Sidestreet Gallery

(613) 399-5550 · 264 Wellington Main St, Wellington

The historical 1862 building provides the setting for a remarkable collection of Sidestreet Gallery, featuring over 175 artists and artisans from the area. Within this space, the “Gallery within the Gallery” introduces a monthly display of art in a unique private setting. Curated by Paulette Greer, the gallery offers an eclectic array of items, including one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, pottery, stained glass, wood carvings/bowls, custom-made tables/ottomans, clothing, and hand-knit items.

Maison Depoivre Art Gallery

(647) 381-9407 · 343 County Rd 22, Prince Edward

Founded in 2013 by Vincent Depoivre and Christophe Doussot, two Frenchmen who made Prince Edward County their home, Maison Depoivre is a unique gallery experience. Initially hosted in a traditional Ontario Century farmhouse, the gallery underwent a significant transformation in 2017 when it moved to a historical barrack at Camp Picton, a WWII airport in the county. Preserving many original elements of the 3,000 sq. ft. barrack, the outcome is a minimalist space that breathes life into shapes, colours, and textures, offering a captivating environment for artistic expression.

Mia Lane Art Gallery and Studio

(613) 476-3816 · 365 Fish Lake Rd, Demorestville

Mia Lane’s ever-evolving artwork represents an exploration of the natural world that surrounds her. Some pieces are painted plein air, while others take shape in the studio, combining field sketches with her photography, life experiences, and abundant imagination. At the core of her work are landscapes, organic forms, and animal imagery. Mia Lane employs a varied palette of media, ranging from oils to a diverse array of modern acrylics, as well as pen or etching, selecting the medium that best articulates the metaphors and stories embedded in her creations.

Blizzmax Gallery

(613) 476-7748 · 3071 County Rd 13, Prince Edward

Blizzmax Art Gallery Studio serves as the creative haven for Alice Mennacher and the versatile artist Peter Mennacher, who excels in etching, painting, and wood carving. In addition to indulging in activities like tennis, fishing, gardening, and art creation, they have been the summertime hosts for some of the most captivating contemporary art exhibitions between Montreal and Toronto for over 25 years.

Melt Studio and Gallery

(416) 893-8664 · 343 County Rd 22, Prince Edward

Melt Studio and Gallery is located just outside Picton in a historical Air Force barracks in the former Camp Picton. The space is a collection of over 25 local, Ontario and Quebec artists and artisans. The gallery’s mandate is to foster and enhance public awareness, understanding, and appreciation for the positive cultural significance of the visual arts by showcasing all levels of visual artists and artisans through the exhibition.


(613) 920-2000 · 256 Main St W, Picton

2gallery is a contemporary fine art gallery, and a not-to-be-missed destination in the dynamic arts scene found in Prince Edward County, Ontario. They also offer a selection of historical and secondary-market works by well-known Canadian artists.

Carbon Art and Design

(613) 896-1823 · 281B Picton Main St, Prince Edward

Transformed from the remnants of a former coffin manufactury, this establishment stands as both a contemporary art gallery and a design studio. Curated by Hri Neil, the gallery space also serves as a public home for his design venture, Hri Creative Services. Conveniently situated just steps away from Main Street Picton, it resides discreetly behind the County Canteen.

Small Pond Arts

(613) 471-1322 · 337 Clarke Rd, Picton

Small Pond Arts is an arts centre, artist residencies, and art gallery in Prince Edward County. The facility is owned and operated by artists Krista Dalby and Milé Murtanovski.

Canadian Society of Marine Artists

(613) 476-1177 · 205 Picton Main St, Picton

Established in 1983, the Canadian Society of Marine Artists was founded with the mission to acknowledge and promote both marine art and artists. The Society is dedicated to nurturing Canadian marine artists, preserving and conserving artworks, and advocating for the teaching and study of marine art, its history, techniques, methods, and values.

Hand Works-Tammy Love

+1 941-999-0985 · 246 Bloomfield Main St, Bloomfield

Hand Works promotes original art, antiques, clothing, and vintage pieces in the small town of Bloomfield.

Rhonda Nolan ART

(613) 403-3815 · 14 Duncan St, Bloomfield

Rhonda Nolan is a contemporary, mixed-media artist. Over the years, she has been developing her particular style that’s strongly influenced by her relationship to expressive street art and textural mark-making.

Renee Hiltz Studio

(647) 939-0993 · 333 Regional Rd 33, Wellington

Renne Hiltz, the owner of Renne Hiltx Studio, creates whimsical and abstract images using bold unique forms and vibrant colours.

Armstrong Glassworks

(613) 399-3552 · 326 2 Ave, Wellington

The Armstrong Glassworks is located in the beautiful village of Wellington along the shores of Lake Ontario. The Glassworks is housed in a former Feed Mill dating back to the early 1900s. As of January 2008, a viewing area allows visitors to watch Mark if he is blowing glass.

Love Nest Studios

(613) 393-1572 · 54 Wilson Rd, Bloomfield

Artists Tara Wilkinson and Andrew Csafordi invite visitors to experience their passion for natural elements at their picturesque country farm. Tara, an artist and award-winning photographer, creates exquisite art nest sculptures using fibres and mixed media, featured in private collections globally. Her unique photographs, capturing visual journeys from extensive travels, are showcased alongside handcrafted nest ornaments, shadowboxes, photography books, prints, and more in her whimsical gallery—a restored chicken coop.

On-site, the brand-new ANDARA Gallery presents larger works of photography and encaustic paintings, while the magnificent century-old BARN Gallery highlights more of Andrew’s encaustic (beeswax) sculptural paintings.

Hatch Gallery

(416) 522-0685 · 8 Stanley St, Bloomfield

The Hatch Gallery is a contemporary art gallery serving as a site for exhibitions working with both established and emerging Canadian artists. The gallery represents and promotes abstract artists working primarily in painting and sculpture.

Sybil Frank Gallery

(613) 902-5402 · 305 Main St, Wellington

Located on Main Street in the heart of Wellington, Prince Edward County, Sybil Frank Gallery represents contemporary modern art, abstracts, landscapes and unique sculptural pieces. The gallery promises an art experience where one can find unique talent with vision, artistry and the unexpected.

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