Exploring the Vibrant Art Scene of Prince Edward County

Exploring the Vibrant Art Scene of Prince Edward County
Exploring the Vibrant Art Scene of Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County is famously known for its breathtaking beaches, renowned wineries producing award-winning wines, and a culinary scene that’s gained acclaim for its farm-to-table cuisine. However, our most cherished hidden gem is undoubtedly our thriving arts community, where many talented artists and galleries come together to craft and showcase their remarkable works. 

Across The County, visitors can find year-round studios and galleries showcasing inspiring artwork in a range of styles and price points. We’ll guide you through the thriving art scene of Prince Edward County, exploring its art trails, galleries, art shows, and much more.

The Art Trail in Prince Edward County

One of the defining features of the art scene in Prince Edward County is the intricate network of art trails that weave through the region’s beautiful countryside. These trails allow art lovers to explore the county’s creative spirit while enjoying the scenic beauty of the area. This trail has become a signature experience for thousands of visitors each year.

Since 2008, the Arts Trail in Prince Edward County has been a self-guided tour that takes you to local artists’ studios. You can meet the artists, learn about their creative processes, and even purchase unique pieces. The trail showcases various artistic styles, from painting and sculpture to pottery and photography.

Copies of the Arts Trail Guide & Map can be downloaded from the website or obtained at key locations throughout The County. As you explore Prince Edward County’s art scene, watch for blue PEC Arts Trail signs out front of member locations.

Art Galleries in Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County boasts a diverse array of art galleries that celebrate both local and international talent. These galleries offer a platform for artists to exhibit their work and for art enthusiasts to explore various forms of artistic expression.

Oeno Gallery

Located at Huff Estates, Oeno Gallery is a renowned space that features contemporary Canadian art. The Gallery represents artists working in various media, including painting, sculpture, and mixed media. The surrounding vineyards make for a picturesque setting to enjoy art and wine.

Arts on Main Gallery

Situated in the heart of Picton, Arts on Main Gallery is a cooperative gallery that showcases the works of over 20 local artists. Visitors can find a wide variety of art forms, from traditional paintings to modern installations.

Mad Dog Gallery

In operation since 1990, Mad Dog Gallery is an up-and-coming art studio surrounded by beautiful gardens and countryside. The Gallery showcases a captivating blend of traditional and contemporary fine art masterfully crafted by some of the most gifted artists in Prince Edward County.  

ANDARA Gallery

This Gallery is a newly built contemporary art gallery featuring sculptural paintings from artists Andrew Csafordi and the award-winning fine art photography of Tara Wilkinson. Visitors will find original and limited-edition pieces throughout the stunning Gallery.

Art Shows and Festivals in The County

Throughout the year, Prince Edward County hosts several art shows and festivals that attract established and emerging artists nationwide.

PEC Arts Council’s Art in the County

This prestigious juried art exhibition is the highlight of the county’s art calendar. Held annually, it features a stunning collection of local artists’ artworks, allowing visitors to view and purchase exceptional pieces.

The Maker’s Hand

This craft show brings together artisans specializing in various mediums, from pottery to jewelry and textiles. Held in November, it’s the perfect place to find unique holiday gifts and support local artisans.

Community and Workshops

The art scene in Prince Edward County is not just about viewing art; it’s also about fostering creativity. The county offers numerous art workshops and classes for all skill levels. Whether you’re a budding artist or simply looking to try something new, you’ll find opportunities to hone your skills.

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