Exploring the Culinary Delights of Prince Edward County

Exploring the Culinary Delights of Prince Edward County
Exploring the Culinary Delights of Prince Edward County

Nestled along the northern shores of Lake Ontario, Prince Edward County has earned its reputation as a hidden gem for food enthusiasts. With a thriving food and culinary scene, PEC has something to satisfy every palate. Prince Edward County’s food and cuisine are a delightful journey for your taste buds, from charming restaurants to delectable local cheese and vibrant markets.

Trending Restaurants

One of the standout features of Prince Edward County’s culinary landscape is its exceptional dining scene. The County has numerous charming restaurants, many focusing on farm-to-table dining. These establishments take full advantage of the region’s rich agricultural resources, showcasing fresh, locally sourced ingredients in their menus.

No matter where you are in the county, there are amazing restaurants. With so many delicious spots, it’s hard to try them all! We’ll help guide you through notable restaurants to try on your next visit to town.


  • Drake Devonshire
  • Midtown Brewing
  • La Condesa
  • North Docks Pub & Patio
  • Idle Wild
  • East & Main


  • Flame + Smith
  • Bloomfield Public House
  • Bermuda


  • Waupoos Estates Winery
  • Stella’s Eatery


  • The County Canteen
  • Sujeo Korean Restaurant
  • The Lighthouse Restaurant
  • 7 Numbers
  • The Acoustic Grill
  • The Royal
  • Vic Social
  • Bocada
  • The Blue Sail
  • Harry’s Charbroiled
  • Parsons Brewing Company
  • Merrill House


  • Tabersnack
  • Bantam
  • Flossie’s Sandwich Parlor

Culinary Must-Stops in Prince Edward County


One event showcasing the county’s culinary prowess is “Countylicious.” It’s a unique celebration of farm-to-table dining. This biannual celebration invites residents and visitors to enjoy prix-fixe menus at participating restaurants. It’s a fantastic opportunity to explore a variety of flavours and dishes while supporting the local food scene.

Farm-to-Table Philosophy

The farm-to-table philosophy is deeply ingrained in Prince Edward County’s culinary culture. It incorporates seasonal harvest, farm-raised proteins and in-house preserves. Many restaurants and eateries throughout The County prioritize this type of culinary experience. This commitment to freshness and sustainability is a treat for your taste buds and a way to support the local economy.

Artisanal Cheese and Dairy Products

Prince Edward County is also celebrated for its artisanal cheese production. Local dairy farms and cheesemakers craft various cheeses, offering everything from tangy cheddar to creamy bries.

One must-visit destination for cheese enthusiasts is the Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Company. Here, you can take a guided tour to learn about cheese-making and sample some of their award-winning creations. Also, stop by Black River Market in Milford for fresh cheese curds and ice cream!

Vibrant Markets and Farm Stands

Exploring Prince Edward County’s markets and farm stands is a delightful way to immerse yourself in the local food culture. For instance, the Wellington Farmers’ Market is a bustling activity hub on Saturday mornings from May to October. You can find fresh produce, baked goods, artisanal products, and more here. The atmosphere is lively, and the vendors are passionate about what they do, making it a must-visit for anyone seeking authentic, locally sourced ingredients.

Don’t just limit yourself to one. Picton Town Hall Farmers Market, Lakeshore Farms Market, Wellington Farmers’ Market, and Fosterhol Farmers Market for some sweet treats, locally grown fruits and vegetables, and great artists. Don’t miss Hagerman Farms too! 

Orchards and Vineyards

Another highlight is the seasonal abundance of orchards and vineyards. Prince Edward County is renowned for its wineries; visiting some of these establishments is a must for any wine enthusiast. Taste your way through the county’s wine trail, sampling the best local vintages and learning about the winemaking process.

Sweet Treats and Bakeries

Prince Edward County has been a popular summer destination spot for years, and what better way to enjoy your summer vacation than with sweet treats! Several ice cream shops are located across PEC, all with different appeal and charm. Slickers County Ice Cream (Bloomfield and Picton) and the Greenhouse (Wellington) are two of the best places to get cones on a hot day. Be sure to check them out on your next visit to the county!

Like the food cuisine, PEC is known for delicious bakeries containing treats made with love. Local favourites include the Wellington Bakery, PECish Baking Co, Waupoos Tarts, and SARAH’NDIPITY Eats & Treats.

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