Exploring the Best Brunch Spots in Prince Edward County

Exploring the Best Brunch Spots in Prince Edward County
Exploring the Best Brunch Spots in Prince Edward County

When on your next getaway in Prince Edward County, don’t miss out on some unique spots to grab brunch. From quaint countryside cafes to charming lakeside bistros and sweet to savoury, Prince Edward County boasts an array of brunch spots that cater to every palate. 

Brunch Restaurants in Prince Edward County

The Lighthouse Restaurant

Location: Picton

Overlooking the Picton marina, this casual family-style restaurant has an outstanding brunch menu. Choose your choice of home-style cooking from pancakes, breakfast poutine, french toast, eggs, sandwiches, wraps, and more! 

The Drake Devonshire Inn

Location: Wellington

Our brunch adventure begins at the iconic Drake Devonshire Inn, perched elegantly on the shores of Lake Ontario in Wellington. The Drake’s brunch menu is a fusion of local ingredients and global flavours. Chef Amanda Ray is known for her innovative approach to brunch classics and crafts dishes like Duck Confit Benny and Lavender French Toast that will tantalize your taste buds. Enjoy your meal on the lakeside patio, offering breathtaking views of the water.

Flame + Smith

Location: Bloomfield

If you’re craving something more unconventional for brunch, Flame + Smith in Bloomfield has you covered. The wood-fired grill is the star here, with Chef Hidde Zomer crafting delectable dishes like Wood-Fired Avocado and Smoked Pork Belly Hash. The industrial-chic atmosphere adds a touch of urban sophistication to your brunch experience.

Enid Grace Café – Piccolina Mercato

Location: Wellington

For a taste of homely comfort and a cozy ambience, make your way to Enid Grace Café in Wellington. Chef Enid Grace provides a comforting brunch menu with favourites like Eggs Benedict and fluffy pancakes. The welcoming atmosphere and homemade pastries make this spot a local favourite. Make sure to get a tasty drink while there!

Crepe Escape

Location: Picton

When craving something a little different, Crepe Escape is the perfect spot to enjoy a sweet treat or savoury treat. Located right on Picton Main Street, dive into unique crepe combinations while being seated in the heart of the town.

Idle Wild

Location: Wellington

For an intimate brunch affair, head to Idle Wild in Wellington, known for its minimalist design and Japanese menu. Chef Scott Royce creates dishes inspired by the bountiful local produce. Try different smoothie bowls, vermicelli noodles with chicken or pork, and some other fabulous brunch creations!

PECish Bakery

Location: Milford

On your next visit to the County, you can’t miss out on PECish Bakery. Located on the quiet streets of Milford, this bakery produces top-quality baked goods from Friday to Sunday. From their famous large, flavourful cinnamon buns to croissant cubes and more, you’ll be coming back each weekend to try something new. Everything is handmade each day.

Beacon Bike + Brew

Location: Picton

Catered to cyclists but everyone alike, Beacon Bike + Brew is a great place to grab a bite, coffee, and browse cycling gear. With many delicious brunch treats like scones, croissants, and different kinds of breakfast sandwiches, there is something for everyone.

More Brunch Spots in PEC

The list of Prince Edward County brunch spots is endless. The next time you’re visiting, be sure to check out other local PEC restaurants and cafes.

  • The Bean Counter Cafe
  • Vic Social
  • Bailey’s Casual Dining
  • The Royal
  • The County Canteen
  • Bocado
  • The Waring House Restaurant
  • The Miller House Cade & Brasserie
  • Stella’s Eatery
  • Restaurant on the Knoll
  • Bloomfield Public House
  • Lily’s Cafe
  • The Acoustic Grill
  • Bermuda
  • Empire Inn Bistro & Coffe Lounge
  • Jackson’s Falls Country Inn

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