Equine Soul Session: Unique Healing Experience with Horses

Equine Soul Session: Unique Healing Experience with Horses
Equine Soul Session: Unique Healing Experience with Horses

“Leave the outside world at the gate and fall into the world of horses. A place of calm, connectedness and tranquillity.”

With these gentle giants as your teachers, and Suzanne & Doreen as your guides, get to know a new side of the County while connecting with your present self. No horseback riding experience is required.

Enjoy a day sharing deep connections through guided equine encounters with hoofed, whispering friends who are known for tapping into human emotions in a big way. Walk in the quiet woods and cap the experience off with local food and beverages.

Leave feeling rested, connected and ready to explore the County. They recommend that after you leave the farm and this horse experience, plan a quiet afternoon of reflection so that you can fully understand and process all that you experienced, felt, sensed and learned.

Equine Soul Session Activities

Tree Meditation

Begin your experience by walking through the pasture and into the forest to the Cedar Grove sanctuary. There you will ground yourself in the present and experience a group meditative moment.

Meet The Herd

This activity is guided. You will be walked into the pasture to hang out among a herd of 18 horses. You and the horses are free to walk around, stand together, observe, connect and interact.

Reflective Grooming

This is a prescribed method of grooming the horse with special grooming gloves worn on your hands. The intimacy of the experience for you and the horse is close, comforting and mindful.

Join Up Heart Connection

This activity is one-on-one (horse and human) in a round fenced enclosure with a trained facilitator as your guide. The objective is to make an authentic heart connection with the horse.


The vital objective of the entire morning’s activities is to be “present and in the moment” so that you can witness your self-awareness. Guests are provided with their own customized journals to jot down their observations and feelings during the morning’s activities.

Book your Equine Soul Session (6+ sessions are available)

Equine Soul Session

(Small Group)

(3 – 6 People) $250/person

Join A Scheduled Session

Equine Soul Session


For You & A Partner

(2 people) $350/person

Equine Soul Session


For You Or A Loved One

(1 Person) $450/person

Appointment Hours

Open during September – October:

Tuesday to Friday: 10 am – 4 pm

Saturday: 10 am – 2 pm

Please note: They do not offer drop-in services. Appointments must be made in advance.

(613) 399-5952

Heal With Horses Therapeutic Centre

997 Danforth Rd, Hillier

Ontario, K0K 2J0

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