County Spirits: Distilleries in Prince Edward County

County Spirits: Distilleries in Prince Edward County
County Spirits: Distilleries in Prince Edward County

Tucked into the “golden triangle” between Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa, Prince Edward County is a hidden treasure trove of liquid craftsmanship. Unique distilleries are scattered across the island that produce high-quality hard alcohol using local ingredients and grain-to-glass philosophies.

Best Distilleries in Prince Edward County

Kinsip House Of Fine Spirits

“Kinsip is rooted in an appreciation of family and the fulfillment found in building community. We craft products together that reflect and accentuate the quality of the moment.”

Kinsip is a farm-based, grain-to-glass distillery focused on making high-quality spirits by hand with exceptional ingredients. Their products are fermented, distilled, and aged onsite with care. Around the back, there is a sipping patio where visitors can try and buy all of the small batched spirits. They are open 7 days a week in the summer season.

You can shop their handcrafted spirits through their website.


Stillus Craft Spirits

Stillus Craft Spirits is a new family-owned artisan distillery in the heart of Prince Edward County. From grain to glass, they work with the highest quality ingredients and transform them into unique expressions of spirit through a custom-designed copper Italian still.

Their Ukrainian roots bring forth a wide range of traditional time-honoured recipes. From their top-rated honey-spiced Ukrainian vodka (Horilka) to the best-selling Coconut Key Lime Moonshine (and so much more!), prepare to be surprised and delighted when you come in for a tasting!

You can shop their small batched bottles online.


Wild Lot Farm Distillery

“Wild Lot salutes the trailblazers, risk takers, creators, and those willing to such at something new for a while.”

Wild Lot Farm Distillery sits on 35 acres of unspoiled land in the agricultural hamlet of Sophiasburgh (PEC). A converted century-old dairy barn and restored tractor drive shed now house the farm’s collective 5,000 square feet of space containing the state-of-the-art distillation facility, retail shop, tap room, and event space. The distillery crafts a number of innovative small-batch spirits, liqueurs, ready-to-enjoy canned beverages, and cocktail bitters. It’s open to the public year-round.

You can shop and order their products online.


The County Cider Company

Growing their own apples, The County Cider Company produces hand-crafted hard cider. Each season they welcome thousands of visitors to their farm for cider tastings, patio lunches and spectacular views of the vineyard and orchards overlooking Prince Edward Bay.

An on-site retail store is housed in a renovated barn circa 1860. Visitors can find local products, t-shirts, glassware, and other gift items for sale along with lots of cider. The area is also pet-friendly to dogs on leash.

County Cider Company drinks can be found online and in local LCBOs.


Loch Mór Cider

Loch Mór Cider started in 2017 with the owners (Sara & Gary) planting a cider apple orchard in Prince Edward County. They planted over 10 acres of apple trees (3300+ trees!) that have been selected over the centuries in both Europe and North America to ferment a cider with tannins and complexity.

Loch Mor Cider blends contain carefully selected heritage and cider varieties, which are pressed on-site and fermented slowly at low temperatures. Many of their ciders are bottle conditioned, creating a natural, fine stream of bubbles.

You can shop their cider online through their website.


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