19 Antique Shops in Prince Edward County

19 Antique Shops in Prince Edward County
19 Antique Shops in Prince Edward County

From upcycled, pop-up shops to retro century-old barns, Prince Edward County is full of old-school antique shops with unique local finds. Search through the small towns of Picton, Bloomfield, and Wellington to find handmade jewelry, German pottery, folk art, natural patina metals, classic furniture, and more.

Picton Antique Stores

Lustre and Tarnish

Location: 206 Main St W Unit 2E, Picton

Established in 2015 by designer Beverly Dunnington, Lustre and Tarnish is a distinctive jewellery brand known for blending antique, vintage, and modern elements. With a passion for the beauty and romance of the past, Beverly creates one-of-a-kind pieces that offer bold and unique contemporary looks. The collection features a harmonious mix of vintage beads, charms, Swarovski crystals, antique chains, watch faces, and found objects. Clients can choose from the captivating ready-made collection or collaborate with Beverly for a bespoke design, capturing memories and expressing individual style. Beverly finds great joy when women connect with her designs, reflecting a whimsical connection to their unique personalities.

Carbon Life

Location: 281B Main Street, Picton

Carbon Life stands as both a contemporary art gallery and design studio, born from the charred remains of a once coffin manufactury. Curator Hri Neil has ingeniously transformed this space into a gallery and the public headquarters for his design venture, Hri Creative Services. Situated just steps away from Main Street Picton, it resides behind the County Canteen.

Wooden Wishe

Location: 550 Prince Edward County Rd 1, Picton

Wooden Wishe is the realm of one-of-a-kind discoveries. Visitors can unearth wooden key rings, marble games, vintage books, ad prints, and comics, along with antique kitchenware and tools, sterling silver, and various other unique finds.

Bloomfield Antiques

The Local Store – PEC

Location: 768 County Rd 12, Bloomfield

The Local Store – PEC is a one-stop shopping destination for all things local to Prince Edward County. The antique store is located within the walls of a large restored dairy barn built in the late 1800s. Open May to November every day, the store features fine art, pottery, woodworking, jewelry, glass, basketry, fabric art, sculptures, quilts, soaps, photographs, greeting cards, books, antiques, and more! For the foodies out there, they also sell over 30 local food products.

County Traders Second Hand Store

Location: 39 Stanley St., Bloomfield

County Traders offers a diverse selection of used furniture, collectibles, antiques, and knick-knacks for purchase. They acquire inventory through direct customer transactions, auctions, estate sales, and private sellers, maintaining high standards to ensure cleanliness and quality. County Traders welcomes customers to sell or trade their furniture, antiques, or collectibles at any time during open hours. It’s a unique opportunity to turn household treasures into cash or exchange them for new finds while browsing the store.

Retrospective PEC

Location: 280 Main Street, Bloomfield

Retrospective, a downtown Bloomfield gift shop, offers a diverse selection of dishes, furniture, decor, and more. When walking through the small town, be sure to check out the shop for some vintage finds.

Casa Lucia

Location: 273 Bloomfield Main St, Bloomfield

Situated in beautiful Bloomfield, Ontario, Casa Lucia offers a diverse range of items, encompassing jewelry, children’s fashions, metal crafts, folk art, garden décor, and more. The staff at Casa Lucia is known for their kindness and friendliness, ensuring visitors enjoy a relaxed shopping experience without feeling rushed in the store.

Hand Works

Location: 246 Bloomfield Main St, Bloomfield

Vibrant and diverse, Hand Works stands as a haven for original art, antiques, clothing, jewelry, ceramics, housewares, furniture, and beyond!

Tick in Tyme

Location: 35 Wellington Street, Bloomfield

Discover Tick in Tyme in Bloomfield, where you’ll find a captivating collection of unique clocks, watches, china, pottery, kitchen collectibles, linens, oddities, and small furniture.

Hickory Tree

Location: 14938 Loyalist Pkwy, Bloomfield

Their antique and furniture business is dedicated to the restoration of antiques and crafting custom furniture using both reclaimed century-old wood and new materials. With over 35 years of expertise in custom furniture and cabinet making, Hickory Tree offers designs tailored to complement any home. They boast extensive experience in specialized, custom finishing techniques.

Antique Stores Near Me

MacCool’s Re-Use

Location: 1149 County Rd 12, West Lake

Discover a 150-year-old barn filled with antiques, collectibles, and mid-century modern gems. This unique store specializes in mid-century and Scandinavian furniture, showcasing a variety of sought-after items such as teak, Dansk, West German Pottery, and more. For those unable to visit in person, the store provides delivery services. Explore their offerings on Facebook and Instagram, or visit their website for a preview.

Amor’s Antiques

Location: 212 County Rd 16, Black River

Amor’s Antiques is a curated collection of transferware, Canadiana and English furniture in a century barn. If you’re a lover of natural patina, brass and all things rattan, bamboo and wood, you will love this antique shop.

Bent Barn PEC

Location: 336 McFaul Rd, Consecon

Nestled within the walls of an old carriage house constructed in the 1800s, this charming Home Decor and gift shop beckons with a diverse array of offerings. From Primitive and Country to Colonial and Farmhouse Style, it caters to everyone’s taste. The shop features an assortment of home decor, gifts, artisan candles, purses, fedoras, and much more, all presented in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

Collier Collection Antiques

Location: 2594 County Rd 13, South Bay

Visit Collier Collection’s quaint barn at 2594 County Road 13 and explore the extensive array of items. The collection includes barnboard and hardware, duck carvings, paintings, photos, frames, Japanese hand-painted items, majolica, pyrex, retro glass, glass caddies, and more.

Memory Factory

Location: 21712 Loyalist Pkwy, Carrying Place

Memory Factory, as a purveyor of contemporary and vintage items, stocks a diverse range of products. Their inventory includes depression and carnival glass, primitives, vintage and costume jewelry, Nippon china, kitchenware, bakers’ tables, postcards, gate-leg tables, vintage furniture, Royal Doulton figurines, vintage buttons, and military items.

Stowaway Vintage

Location: 1606 Cty Rd 10, Cherry Valley

Stowaway Vintage, a retro shop nestled in Cherry Valley, is a family-owned and operated business. They offer high-quality vintage clothing and furniture, along with a unique assortment of old-school toys, art, vinyl records, lighting, collectibles, and more. Operating from a charming old barn situated behind their home, the family embraces a laid-back approach to living, playing, and working on the property.

Porky’s Place

Location: 1540 Hwy 62

Porky’s Place, situated at a crossroads in Prince Edward County, is a delightful antique store. The heritage shed near Huff Estate winery is a treasure trove of tools, dishes, antiques, toys, oil cans, blacksmith anvils, tongs, hammers, forges, vices, planes, cast floor grates, tractor seats, furniture, old hardware, books, and pictures—all contributing to the store’s unique charm.

The Sword Antiques

Location: 20581 Loyalist Pkwy, Consecon

Explore The Sword Antiques in Ameliasburgh, specializing in antique firearms exempt from government licensing due to their age or discontinued ammunition. The collection includes muskets, rifles, shotguns, and pistols, alongside functional reproductions and non-functional replicas. Beyond firearms, discover an extensive selection of costume jewelry and precious metal jewelry, as well as a substantial assortment of Blue Mountain pottery, including rare pieces from Collingwood, Ontario potters. The shop also houses treasures in ceramics, crystal, art glass, and a variety of unique finds.

Young’s Antiques

Location: 1214 Cty Rd 3, Rednersville

Specializing in repurposing, Young’s Antiques offers a broad spectrum of items, including vintage wooden wares, pottery/yellowware, sporting goods, nautical items, hunting and fishing gear, old church and century home windows, and vintage whimsical folk art pieces.

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